The Cat the Room and the iPhone Case Lady Bags Ok

The Cat the Room and the iPhone Case Lady Bags Ok

The Cat the Room and the iPhone Case

Being an animal guy I’ve always had pets in the house. I in particular have always loved cats. I’ve met some who really hate cats with a passion and I can almost understand why. They have a tendency to be antisocial and unfriendly but sometimes you’ll find a cat that loves being around humans. I have a sweet little cat with a gray coat that wants nothing more than the attention of people which is great but he doesn’t hold a candle to my first cat when it comes to personality. My first cat, “Cat” is the reason I now always make sure to have an iPhone case.

My first cat or, “Cat” as I like to call him was as wild as a house cat could be. I got him as a young teenager which was my first mistake. In my still undeveloped and inexperienced mind I thought the best course of action to take with my cat was to not take any action at all. I’m talking about having him neutered. I thought I’d be stealing away from him his cat-ly manhood by putting him through such an atrocity. I know I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me for certain.

And so we raised Cat without him ever losing his manhood. Some-time eventually passed and I came find that this wasn’t the best plan. He was a house cat but as he matured he grew more and more wild. No longer could we always keep him indoors and he’d be in and out all day long except he began coming back bloodied as if he’d been in very bad fights. We had no solution to this problem so we kind of just let it continue.

He had been living with us for years already and as cats have a way of communicating with humans we had a way of understanding each other. I was hanging out in my room one afternoon talking on the house phone because I had misplaced my iPhone and couldn’t find it at the moment. With the door shut Cat was roaming around sniffing random things on the carpet. He suddenly began to meow profusely as if to tell me to let him out of the room but I ignored him. I watched as he literally walked across the room and smacked my iPhone out from under the coffee table. He meowed once more looking at me. Again when I didn’t respond to him he yakked; a hairball right onto the iPhone I swear in spite of me.

“NOOOOO” I hollered at him as polluted cat drool drenched covered the entire phone destroying it. I swung the door open and as the cat ran free I picked up the phone to find it was utterly destroyed. After my cat showed me what he was capable of I chose to pick up an iPhone case from i_Luv for the next time I owned an iPhone.

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